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          Broziat GmbH  Maschinen + Service  Lübeck Vorwerker Str. 62a-64 Deutschland

          Laser Cutting Machine

          TRUMPF TC L 2510

          Broziat GmbH

          Maschinen + Service
          Vorwerker Str. 62a-64 · 23554 - Lübeck
          +49 451 40 40 19
          +49 451 40 73 93

          Machine data

          TypeLaser Cutting Machine
          TypeTC L 2510
          Date of construction2004
          Storage locationab Lager
          Country of origin-
          Delivery time25.07.22
          Delivery termsex stock RECOS FR-Schweighouse

          Machine photos


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          Technical details

          Movement X3000 mm
          Movement Y1250 mm
          Laser Power2000 W
          Movement Z115 mm
          X speed max.120 m/min
          Y speed max.120 m/min
          Z speed max.120 m/min
          X-Y speed simult, max170 m/min
          Plate thickness MS. max.12 mm
          Max. workpiece weight300 kg
          Plate thickness SS max.6 mm
          Plate thickness Al. max.5 mm
          Laser-TypTCF 1 -
          main switch on13548 Std.
          time resonator beam on4328 Std.
          time laser stand by13666 Std.


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          Additional information

          The machine is partially refurbished and sold with a functional warranty.

          Standard equipment:

          - Laser TCF 1 - New in 03/2006
          - Loading device
          - Air cutting
          - HI-LAS high-pressure-cutting
          - Cutting head with 7.5"-Lense
          - Cutting head quick change device
          - metal sheet position detection system
          - APC
          - Position laser diode
          - Programmable cutting gas/Pressure setting
          - Microweld
          - SprintLas
          - ContourLas
          - AutoLas +
          - Working up to 43°C ambient temperature
          - Laser power control
          - Logbook function Laser
          - Oil-Spray function
          - autom. Pallet-changing
          - lit working chamber
          - multi-chamber suction system
          - Compact dust extractor
          - shut-down automation
          - Safety light barriers
          - ToPs 100 lite programming system
          - RJ 45 network connection
          - 3,5- Disk drive
          - operators manual

          On this page you will find a an offer on a used Laser Cutting Machine of type TC L 2510 of the company TRUMPF with year of construction 2004 and with stock no.: 2040-100028. The machine is manufactured by the company Broziat GmbH Maschinen + Service from 23554 Lübeck offered. The delivery time / delivery status for this machine is: 25.07.22 For more information, please refer to the details listed.

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          Laser Cutting Machine

          Laser Cutting Machine

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